Clean. Simple. Effective. Our designs turn heads and help you attract the right target audience. We give your brand the time and attention it deserves. Your messaging will come to life over any medium, be it packaging, ads, publications, and more!


Thank goodness we get to use our drawing chops to help companies communicate and grow. Otherwise we’d be buried underneath a mountain of sketchbooks. (Okay, that might be happening anyway.) Our team has a combined 30 years of illustration experience and mad skills.


Grab your audience by the eyeballs. Unearth their feelings. Challenge their perceptions. We are masters of a craft that can do all this and more. Behind our animation lives a carefully crafted story, guided by our talented team. Our animation can take your brand from static to fantastic.


``Talk nerdy to me.``

Chief Creative Officer

Erica Jacobs

Erica brings 15 years of experience to her role as Chief Creative Officer. She is very extroverted, you will catch her at various events and conventions making new friends and laughing her ass off. If you want to make a great first impression, she accepts bribes gifts in the form of vegan dessert. Erica doesn’t understand Papyrus or Comic Sans, why do those fonts exist? She loves people, pugs, and videos about fat goats.


``Go Pats, hey!``

Animation Director – 2D

Nate Pratt

Nate is super talented, incredibly kind and he is very down-to-earth. Not many people get to grow up with a pet donkey, but Nate did. Nate is an avid Disney fan, Who Framed Roger Rabbit inspired him to study animation. His idea of a dream car is a DeLorean. When he isn’t bent over his Cintiq sketching, you can find Nate running, volunteering, or grabbing a drink with friends. You can view his demo reel at: